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Love blooms in even the harshest places.

Dystopian Ink proudly presents this year’s collection of short stories, Love and Other Dangers, sixteen stories that are action-packed, romantic adventures set in dystopian futures and post-apocalyptic landscapes. 

Searby Gray’s story “FINDERS KEEPERS” features an enthralling adventure for Rachel Deneuve and Captain Lewis on a quest to deliver a life-changing message to the Underworld.

“It’s like bite-sized romance stories for fans of The Hunger Games, Divergent, Red Queen, The Selection, and Matched. This is an anthology you won’t be able to put down!”

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Searby Gray's novel, Ashes of Regret, is the second installation of her Misbegotten Series. It can be found, and purchased, at the following retailers:

What Readers Are Saying

"Ashes of Regret, Searby Gray's debut, pulls no punches as it dances with power and destiny. Gray's deft writing brings to life the hope within tragedy and the hero within all of us." -- Taylor Zajonc, award-winning author of The Maw

"Gray has produced a riveting story that will keep you reading late into the night."

 Flames of a Falling God: "Part of what makes Rachel such a compelling character is that it’s nice to see a post-apocalyptic hero who is not always strong and resilient. Instead, the character development she experiences throughout this book is that she doesn’t come into her own power as much as what she sacrifices to claim it." 

-- J. L. Gribble, author of the Steel Victory Series  

Conversations with Rich Bennett Feature

Join Rich Bennett of Harford County Living in his discussion with Searby Gray. 

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